the day of all days

the end.
i havent been able to write into this blog for well over a month now..
this despite the fact that ive spent 90% of my waking hours online (which would roughly translate to 80% of all hours anyway).. and that unbelievable as it may sound is NOT an exaggeration.
the thing is ive had 6.723 billion things i wanted to write about but then the sheer logistics associated with that task deterred me from taking the first step..
hell i didnt even mention my ticket to the new book/story.. the visa experience..
thats a chapter by itself.. and nowhere to write it!
there were fears and tears over the last 5 weeks all dealing with different aspects of the life of me.. no time to mention them.. i guess in the final publication/(biopic.. a la frida and the skeletons lol) it will have to appear as a dark time seen as though in an evil dream with many rays of light bringing hope until one ray grows and grows and is soon joined by another.. and together they grow until the beam becomes big enough to shatter the darkness and the dream!
even with all the tension and drama associated with it, it has been the most enjoyable 6 weeks of my life.. the perfect poetic climax to the unravelling into the moment of truth.. we lost a key player(sadhu) early.. as all good stories should.. and even his departure was poetic in all respects.. ofcourse before talking about the later parts of the unravelling we must always remember how the final escapade started.. with that momentuous day when ronaldo stuttered and shot into the hands of one cech.. only to be outdone by another terry.. and to be sealed by the magical touch of God Giggs..
then the exams came along.. all of them with their own story assocaited.. i hope i have done justice to them in previous entries.. or if not.. im sorry.. but just belive me that it was unbelievable(i did not intend to make that corny).. in between all of that i saw an IPL Final.. gave four exams.. the last one being horrible as all fears played out to the uttermost bitter conclusion.. thus actually adding to the commotion.. i guess all this said in hindsight might sound lighthearted.. but only a few or maybe even none know how it actually was..
i do not think any more should be said of the end else some might take it to be an unreal imaginative prose piece..
i would like to thank all those involved in the making of this the end.. im am deeply in your debt.. i hope you all are never forgotten..
yep but this is it.. its the end of this blog..
one year to the day after what was probably the most life-changing day of any human born so far; apart from that dude who discovered fire..
today the semester eight results were put up in college..
and after four frustrating/fruitful(depending on how you look at it) years thgr81_zhaggy finally managed to score a 60.14%
the first FIRST Class; though my degree will always say SECOND class..
my joy is unbounded.. not the score.. but the fact that i passed this year without glitches when there could have been soooo many.. and well also the marks..
this is where i end my story..
tomorrow i start a new life..
the same story continued but with new characters.. new plots.. a new location.. a new continent!
the first book had its highs and lows..
but as any good book will.. it has a happy ending.. and though the hero did not get his girl in this one..
there will always be the sequel to look forward to..
note to reader:
in between the end of this book and the beginning of the next there will be a gap which i guess forever will be undocumented..
and so once again i would like to thank my parents for everything that they have done for me..
and though not many(i hope) can complain of me not being a good friend, i am sorry that i could not be a better son..
in this new story that i’m talking about it will be difficult to include you but you must know that i am indebted with more than my life to you.. dear parents..
i hope i find the courage to one day tell this to you in person..
this sentence is written purely to signify it being the end of book one.
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water under the bridge

well.. swell.. dwell.. knell..
ok so its been ages since my last post.. and the number of things that have happened since then are far and i do not mean it lightly far too innumerable to recall.. that almost makes me regret not posting earlier since it would have made for a fascinating chapter in these accounts..
so without elaborating much heres the list:
1. IPL final was attended by me with nikhil rudrappa after and in the midst of three miraculous days of travelling..
day one: the early morning jolt realising that tickets might be available due to reduced prices; booking two individual tickets online in the most bizzare of circumstances.. then out of sheer frivolity i saddled up on shadow and set off to nerul for no apparent reason.. coz officially the tickets would be available the next day.. but after much waiting and much arguing i luckily got myself the tickets and that too the ones of a higher denomination than the ones i paid for.. dist travelled 60Km
day two: saw that indiana jones movie at g7 with new company.. gaurish et al.. then in the evening travelled to marve beach by bike-auto-train-auto-car with ashwin jay and zimple.. the reason being the 25th anniversary of abhinavs parents… returned home next day the day of the final.. dist covered 60+Km
day three: was initially supposed to go with jay and as back up raja but both backed out and no one wanted to make the trip.. finally thru raja i found rudrappa willing.. decent i thought after the options i’d considered.. the match and the ceremony preceding it were well worth the money paid.. and after and enjoyable match returned to bandra east where i’ve had the best tea from that cyclewala this year yet.. and trust me by the time ive finished this post the term tea from cyclewala will be repeated so oft that the reader will be tired of hearing it.. so the TCW tea-cycle-wala (formerly tasty-coma-wife from a tv show ;)) originates here..
2. exams
3. movies
4. post exams
two nights
aurus and outta blue
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its the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine – song)

it happened faster than expected..
oil reserves have officially run out..
we dint expect it for atleast another 30-50 years… well i didnt
dint expect to be living when it happened..
but its done.. the growth in the last half-decade alone i think ruined all possible calculations..
well this reminds me.. as i have remembered many times beofre – a lecture i attended in std 9 and also in std 12..
it was regarding population..
the lecturers on both occasions showed us teh same chart..
the growth rates of organisms in colonies
bacteria –^ (the S- curve firther projected as declining..)
humans  –v  (notice the supposed J!)
even then it was obvious.. that the J growth of the human population was no different from the S growth of other organisms.. like bacteria!
this they explained was because any organism when it settles in a favourable environment.. enjoys prosperous growth until slowly but surely they drain the very same environment of all the resources they enjoy.. was it not obvious that humans have only yet to exhaust their own resources.. in std 9.. i thought of the most important resource being trees.. in std 12.. oil.. not that any one of them is less important..
but apparently the lecturers chose to ignore this point instead triumphantly stating that humans alone have conquered the laws of nature.. or something to that tune.
seen here –^ (the UN and nishad seem to agree as they do on most matters)
now it is apparent i’d say maybe one more decade (the UN has more hopes and gives us about half a century).. but i figure even less before we, humans, too plot ourselves using the dreaded S curve.. lol..
lets face it.. oil is gone.. too late..
all we will have are samples in museums soon..
i wonder what the captions will read
"iraq’s best and last"
"tears of texas"
"exxon’s downfall"
"shell’s final mixture"
i wonder what the future may hold.. how fast can humans convert themselves to reusable energy?
solar power? wind power? tidal power? anything??
hydro-electricity thru dams also looks to be in short supply with the threat/menace of heating climates looming large..
id say were moving too slow..
im sure i need to have this blog in hard copy soon..
should the server harbouring these run out of power!
a few months ago i conjured up a plan, to raja, to buy cheap petrol near alibaug and sell it in mumbai for a profit..
and a few months before that (as logged here around jan12th i think "life kya hota hai" if i recally correctly)
i conjured up a freak plan, as samarth and raja might recall, to bottle up the current arguable "clean air" then and resell it a few decades down the line when it would indeed be called clean air..!
now i think the most profitable venture would be to combine the two..
ie bottle up arguably "cheap" fuel (petrol/deisel) and sell it a few years down the line.. at unbelievable profits!
its the end my friends.. gear up for it..
nothing can stop it..
its inevitable- i say at the cost of repeating myself..
gather up all the old stuff u may have/find..
which was invented before the advent of electricity..
we are moving back into the dark ages..
10 years i say..
one more capital fear i have..
suppose i do go study in the US.. how am i to get back without the planes or even ships!!?? back to the days of magellan and da gama? columbus even! lol!
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the day that has been

aka won-der sa’er day

the whole day since sunrise to sunset i spent in a daze..
mainly because of the fact that i had not slept in the previous 24 hours..
the previous day started off pretty tamely..
after the shower me getting into the traditional matchday red and white combo
me expecting to start serious study sometime through the progression of the day..
as it happened, mumbai played the early match that evening against sreesanths mohali
thus entirely ruining my chances of an afternoon kickoff with the studies..
some three hours later and after sachins first ipl fifty mumbai miraculously lost the mathc by a single run.
somewhere along the way i realised that the reds had won
went out for a walk to buy the required stationery for the next day..
jay called while i was out and after hearing my plight (a multitude cousins had come over to see of my grandparents on their maiden visit to the us)
he invited me over to spend the night at his place.. having accepted graciously the matter of the match still remained..
i couldnt watch it at home with the million ppl walking around.. nor could i watch it at anyone elses house..
the only remaining option..
mufcm screening at dadar!
this would be my last salvo for united i thought.. if all goes to plan..
so that decided; the preparations began..
was too nervous to study so watched three different shows simultaenously on tv..
bones/chuck/pushingdaisies on starworld/axn/zeecafe in the 10-11 bracket..
after that decided to leave..
reached the venue.. with book in hand to try make myself feel guilty on missing out on quality study time..
but it mattered not.. i entered with the place almost already full and buzzing with excitement..
what a let down this might turn out to be!
they screened the highlights from the previous wins..
got the atmosphere charged up.. i could feel the chills running down my spine..
winning was the only option..
what i’d heard from terry a few hours earlier stll haunted me.. it would be a man’s game..
how many did united have?
match got underway.. needless chants and an irregualar hubbub drowned out the commentry for the first few minutes..
then everyone settled down.. but only to get back up shouting for every foray into the box!
this could get irritating..
then it happened.. after a long spell of fruitful possession..
man of the moment ronaldo put us ahead in twenty six minutes..
neat cross from brown finding the head of ronaldo leaving the keeper still
eruption in the galleys!
evryone jumping and shouting and singing and cheering..
too early i thought as i sat there looking as shocked as the few chelsea faithfuls who had gathered the wits to join us..
one more we need..
back underway..
united still dominating.. glorious chances from tevez and carrick saved by the cech in a show of reflexes..
once again united surge forward.. rooney feeds the ball to tevez… stretches contact.. too little as the ball is depostied to the wrong side of the post..
then as the half draws to a close.. somehow.. the idiots score..
next half chelsea start brighter and carry the momentum to the final whistle..
the post coming to the aid of van der saar who had been beaten by drogbas effort across the goal.
giggs comes on with 5 to play..
"can united score? they always score!!" plays in my head.. but its not to be..
extra time.. more time taken off my studies 😉
after an impossible save from terry denying giggs a fairytale and lampard beating the keeper once again to be foiled by the bar..
it goes to penalties..
the rest they say is history.
even as terry rallied up to take the fifth and the title clenching penalty for chelsea
i was preparing for an early exit.. couldnt see the ensuing celebrations..
and then he slips.. we’re back..
after another round of sudden death.. ryan giggs steps up..
deposits the ball safely after sending the keeper the wrong way..
then anelka steps to the spot
won der sa’er steadies himself between the posts..
the commentator says something about him not liking short run ups of the style of anelka..
someone else in the vicinity whispering to whoever could hear that anelka wud come to united if he missed this one..
what a load of bull..
and even as i think that.. we win! won der sa’er does it (term coined when he almost saved us the chelsea match at stamford a month or so ago)!
oh now do we! wait whats happening?? are we sure!!?? move away from the screen i demand.. to no avail.. the jerseys are off.. wild celebrations.. all around..
in between i see snatches of blue shirts in tears.. im satisfied.. lets revel then!!
sing our songs.. dance our dances..
ok presentation now..

and rejoice!!
then head back home to meet grandparents before they leave the next morning.. as per my schedule this is the last time i see them in the near future in india..
next could it be the us itself?
who knows..
then zoom off to jays.. reach there at 4.. decide to grab a bite at khursheed first! reach jays house at 0430
after brief discussions settle down to study..
read thru one chapter.. then another.. periodically revising what we can.. jay starts of two chapters ahead of me.. after an hour its down to one.. and after another we are neck and neck.. this is where i decide to doze off.. set the alarm from 0700.. wrong idea..
anticipation of alarm keeps me awake thus i stay in bed long after the alarm goes off.. finally get up to find my eyes red!! never happened before..
try to read further.. but eyes allow me to get past only four pages..
they shut without effort.. lay back down.. at this time i decide enuf is enuf..
march off for a shower..
alive again
read a few more of the target pages..
almost achieved..
leave at 0930 from jays..
jay takes auto to read enroute..
i reach college and settle in the library for want of a better place..
a little fruitful revision does occur as jay helps with the explanation.. which i could not have done in my current state.. groggy..
1045 reach class..
everybody seems to be relaxed.. funnily enough so am i.. sure the sleep deprivation taking effect..
i settle down sure that nothing can go wrong..
three hours later.. and unaware of how exactly the paper went.. and also after having caught a few winks while writing the paper(!!)
leave the hall..
after the normal post-exam rituals head for candies with sadhu and then home..
i still cannot believe at this point of time that barely 12 hours ago united had lifted the trophy..
and there i was after having seen the scene in the best possible environment.. had managed to study for an exam and give it too.. and not be worried to death about the result!
beds readied for my impending slumber.. i hit the sack.. only to find myself completely unsleepy..
switch the computer on and the tv too hoping to catch a repeat telecast of the final..
no luck yet..
browse for sometime online.. lose money in poker.. and switch back to the tv to realise that the repeat telecast is on..
record the shoot-out on video..
seeing the great ones doing what one can only dream about.. i am overwhelmed..
finally it sinks in.. WE WON!
what had started 10 months ago with a win in the charity shield.. and the horrible start to the league season.. and the comebacks two of them..
beating all of the top 4.. the pains of unlikely draws and losses.. the doubts.. the fears.. the joys.. the reliefs.. all came back while watching sportcenter that night and i truly am overwhelmed 
its evening already..
jay calls.. carter rd obviously..  sure i say..
dinner eaten.. wait for time to go..
then leave at an apropriate time and back and here i am typing..


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what a fortnight!

yep what an incredible two weeks it has been
starting off with may 11
this may 11..
was a day after may 9 and may 10 obviously..
three days of three incredible vivas..
the performance in the tests i will not mention here..
but the route to givin them i will..
as it turned out.. for all of the three.. i would study for exactly the three-five hours that i got in the morning before my viva began..
no more.. many times less.. would waltz through the viva without fear for some unknown reason..
(well engineerng was indeed over and done for me the day i miraculously passed the sem 7 exams ie the day the results came out)
thus we arrived at may 11 at 1430
three vivas completed
heading back home..
formula one and more importantly the last day of the english football league to look forward to..
the turkish petrol ofisi grand prix got under way at 1730
and an hour and half later massa emerged from the car victorious for the third year running..
this sfter hamilton had taken the lead away from him after the first round of pit stops.. and for some insane strategy of 3 pit stops lost it all over again… suckers..
ferrari 1-3 with hamilton in twixt
then the more important business..
1930 kickoff to the big game.. away to wigan with all sorts of conspiracies in the air..
wigan to let united win (steve bruce lol) and bolton to allow chelsea a clean run..
and on the other hand.. wigan to not surrender meekly (steve bruce lol) among others..
then the whistle.. three minutes before the chelsea kickoff.. a fufore lol
the match was sketchy.. no one wanting to give the other a sniff.. and strangely wigan getting the better of the chances early.. only late in the first half were united gifted a penalty from which which ronaldo did the dutiful sidestep after sending the keeper the wrong way with his much-discussed and much-debated stuttered run up 😉
chelsea went into the half level goalless..
but early into the second sheva came on to score and put the blues ahead..
while it started to pour rain and thunder at wigan..
now it was getting hot under the collar for the reds.. one slip up could mean teh title slipping away.. heskey almost equalised as per the script written for chelsea..
then it happened.
giggs (pronounced as god in some circles) came on.. to be pronounced the reds all-time leading appearance maker
a little while later teh experienced campaigner found himself open in the box for a neat tap in past kirkland..
that wrapped it up.. and wrapped up his 10th title!
it was of little significance that as they were celebrating after the final whistle.. that bolton indeed scuffed the ball into the back of chelseas net to give the reds a win on points and not on goal difference..
later that weeki gave the final viva..
the mms..
went averagely horrible..
the same day i’d asked dad to buy 10 tickets to the friday mumbai indians game against kolkata..
which for some apparent reason dad dint do.. but waited for me to make the effort..
so i searched everywhere i thought it possible to get tickets..
started off at the reliance trends outlet at hill road hoping that there would be a rel fresh outlet there..
but the only thing that happened there was that i impaled my toe!
two deep gashes to go please.. also the time when i was recuperating from the shock of having two new holes in my feet.. i decided to clean out my lungs..
then injured toe and all i made my way slowly downtown.. first taking a detour to dadar west and then being mislead in a dozen of different directions before finally sadhu and i spotted the reliance fresh outlet barely 50m from where we had originally asked for directions..
no luck… sold out.. and no new batch of tickets..
so then left sadhu at prabahdevi and headed to the tardeo outlet of reliance fresh which had now become the only store with available tickets in all of mumbai..
there was a mad rush and a bevy of angry ticket buyers pissed at the incompetent technician handling the sales..
i called my dad to tell him the situation and the problem that was now before us.. he came to the shop and talked to the guy he’d talked to earlier..
he told me that the grant road outlet still may have tickets.. so i zoomed out straight away on the bike.. only to find that that they only had the 3k and 6k options remaining..
came back to tardeo to find that the tickets had all been sold off.. but dad told me to wait anyway coz of something that guy had told him.. so i did.. and then he came out with 12 more tickets.. and sold 6 of them to this other guy and 6 to me!! unbelievable…
next day: now came the question of who wud get to come!
raja and jay and nikhil and me were a certainty.. vibhav too if he wished..
the 10 tickets were originally intended for ann, vansa, minita and co. and us..
now came the situation that they would have to be given the boot except under strange circumstances..
which did come to pass.. ashwin was supposed to provide me the required passes..
vibhav too got lucky.. obtained 2 vip passes on the thursday.. was with him when i got the call.. and hence by default it was decided that i wud go with him..
so there was a window of oppurtunity for the others to come see the match..
ashwin called to say that his tickets were an impossibility.. so i asked him to tag along in my tickets..
ann and vansa decided to come after all.. so it was them two and raja, ashwin, jay and nikhil in the west stand
and vibhav and me in the garware upper.. cushioned seats and all.. and loads of freebies too..
kolkata menacing with shoaib in full flow after the previous match..
but somehow we got them all out for 67!
well it was obvious.. after seeing australia get all out thrice in 3 days.. such things are expected..
the match got over just after it started it felt with suriya cleaning up the mess in 5 overs
then headed out.. but did nothing of note.. for some inexplicable reason took a cab home at 12.. when the trains still work!!
hehe used to returning from town well past one i suppose!
then tried to get into step-in for a late bite.. to no avail..
then randomly moved about until we found ‘aangan’ or thats what i think its name was.. and had a late meal.. left at 2ish..
went to college after lunch to meet swapnali ma’am and try to get am ieee refund..
did that.. took my camera along.. and took pictures of the sea-link from three diff angles..
the sealink where it ends – college (new top floor) – and bandra fort; which i saw earlier was also a pitstop in the current amazing race season.. with 4 teams remaining..
hehe i just remebered what else i did that day! dint expect to write it earlier..
there was the small matter of a farewell! with the umpteen speeches by the who’s who and the who’s no one of our college..
then the dreaded dinner plan as we scooted around bandra in search of the perfect food joint..
finally decided on sheesha after making stops at candies and papa pancho..
headed for home at 12.. rather early!!
dropped meghna and vansa off before sitting down behind the building for a brief self-time..
cant recall at this time how exactly i spent the days three! no more football.. was not a formula one weekend.. i wonder.. probably just saw random movies or something.. trying not to get idle and feel guilty of not studying.. actually… now i recall.. i’d set myself a date.. tuesday to begin studying.. i think i woke up at 2 in the afternoon on tuesday.. so dint get much done.. and monday i guess i spent watching.. but sunday.. thats lost on me now..
and i guess the nights went by with citizen kane dnloading in the background while i postponed writing into this blog.. and whiling the time away on facebook!
at this time the indians had extended their winning streak to 6 wins.. before the eventual loss to mohali..
well this fortnight is about to end (modified on sunday 25th morning 0240)
and one can say that united are champions of europe..
mumbai indians have now lost two in a row.. one earlier to delhi today (yesterday before sunset)
and ferrari form row one of the monaco grand prix tomoro (today after sunrise)
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to: planning commission subj: pls help

a midweek log!! after ages it seems!
well this entry has been called for under emergency circumstances..
the world or mumbai at the least is falling apart!
the last couple of days have been outlandish!!
project viva
expected result: something to go wrong.. someone(me) to some in swinging with rescue..
result: the most lifeless viva ever! the examiner i think fell asleep while jay was trying to finish his topic discussion..
and when we tried to continue our presentation and take it to the next level he shooed us away saying that he understood and had seen enough! heheehhehe!
later lunch:
ate at candies.. and for some unexpected reason went back to college
expected: sadhu and me would while our evening away sitting at mocha before the final attempt at the final vivas
result: ashwin and sadhu and me decided to first eat at hearsch and then see what to do from there on in..
tuesday.. so hearsch remains closed! and so we head opposite to mocha.. to find it closed for renovation!! doomed i say..
sadhu makes a quick exit; stage right.. ashwin too seems to have some kinda plan!
i wander around aimlessly.. finally arrive home disgruntled..
wake up go for movie.. iron man.. alone to suburbia..
meet many other lone ppl come to watch the movie..
distracted by the dream i had the previous night.. distracted in a very pleasing way might add..
return home..
sit online..
reading random movie reviews.. come across darjeeling ltd.. decide that its hightime i saw it..
try to invite umpteen number of ppl to come watch it including ann.. but no one is willing!
decide to lugg it myself.. call raja.. decide to use his home as a launchpad if one mite call it that to the movies..
oh and i see/greet priyanka (mrinal) in a rick while on the way there..
reach raja’s by 7 after stopping off at jays to pick up raja’s stuff..
at 1930 decide to flip which show to go to..
all signs say 2000 at fun.. but somehow i’m convinced to sit bak down in me chair..
mumbai match starts.. soon find out thru raja that its the last one at dypatil.. thus taking out another item off my things to do list..
had a perfectly reasonable oppurtunity to go there today!
then call fame to confirm show timing and price of ticket..
only to find out that the show has been cancelled! doomed! i say again!
curse a thousand different things before i come back.. then call fun.. they’d taken it off too!
return home at 0130
only thing that works is the phone and airtels isd network!
and real routing barca 4-0 with 10 mins to play
united win on saturday and chelsea on monday..
go into the weekend now level on points..
first time in my living memory..
ok barca got one in.. 4-1
sunday also resulted in a win for team india and narain.. the second of the season in the last race of the season..
mumbai now on a streak of 3 wins..
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2 minutes and 13 seconds

thats roughly the average long distance call duration nowadays..
with usually the same questions.. the same answers and the same conclusions..
no i’m not complaining..
had a relatively better week this time around..
not only cause of the barca match..
well that had a major role in the week being productive..
monday and tuesday
had the second midterm tests in coll..
studied only on those two days in college..
3 hours before the paper.. in the coll library..
2 subjetcs in 3 hours.. 1 hour on the second day..
first day with ashwin.. while studying gave myself a forehead massage which actually left burns in between the eyebrows..
while studying discussed a dream i had in the long past..
of stopping the kinetic on the way to the college on the slope after mehboob junction and making business for a paanwalla..
finally did it teh next day.. on the bullet ofcourse..
evening holds only one thing..
united at home to barca for the second leg..
before that mumbai manage to eke out their first victory in the ipl at the eden gardens against kolkata..
then i leave early from a late evening gathering of friends at carter road for the first time..
reach home exactly as the teams are lining up in the tunnel..
then the match.
as read about.. the stadium shines as the teams walk out.. picking up from the noucamp with two mosaics.. one at the old scoreboard end and the other at the stretford end.. one showing the cup itself with the numbers 68 amd 99 on either side.. and the other end simply saying "BELIEVE"..
one man who really believed and was not a part of the 99 triumph, scholes takes a long range shot from outside in the 14th minute.. no one moves and those who do.. do so fruitlessly.. as the ball almost tears thru the back of the net! its the winner.. scholes makes sure he gets to play a ucl final in his career..
jay and vibhav came over..
and in the morning before they came i hastily made a project document..
which looked complete by evening time..
got it approved…
next day
went to see horton hears a who.. decent..
midway thru the movie vibhav calls us concerned about the printing prices..
so i make a few phone calls and decide to get the books prnted at powai
and for that same purpose accompany abhishek there later that day..
hurry home.. iron out certain details in the documentation.. and leave immediately on the bike..
pick up jay from vileparle at the highway.. proceed to the jvlr (jog-vik link rd) at the behest of abhishek who swears its a good road..
he does not disappoint..
enjoy the long ride to powai on a straight road.. 12Kms..
giev the book for printing.. saving approx 200 rupees per head..
return home flushed tired after the traffic on sv road…
goto college to submit the files
done by 1000
loiter till 1130
then convince sadhu to accompany me to the movie darjeeling ltd.. to fun rep.
reach there with the sun scorching down.. to find that teh show does not exist .. or at the wrong time in any case..
loiter again.. goto infinity.. LOSE MY FIRST GAME OF AIR HOCKEY EVER.. 
return to bandra..
eat at bembos with sadhu.. calculate that i’ve blown a record amount of money into smoke over the last few days..
then go back to vile patle to jay’s to go to powai..
this time catch a train.. as various parts of me are in pain after riding the bike for a 100+ Km in 24 hours..
goto powai and back in jay’s car.. a good journey i realise when u just have to sit!
then to vibhav’s
and after a weird walk on the beach.. headed back to ollwyn, bandra where the bike was parked..
went home
the sixth day in a row i wake up at 0700!!
goto coll by 10.. need prabhu’s sign on the project report..
drive there this time.. enjoying the comforts of the new car..
call it a day when after getting the required signatures we head to ollwyn and are made to return without them helping us..
catch up with sleep in the afternoon.. wake up at 1900 to see united wrapping up a win over whu.. at old trafford.. the last home game of the season!
a 4-1 drubbing with ronaldo scoring his 39th and 40th goals of the season..
and nani being sent off for head butting!! unbelievable that united players still do that after the season theyve had.. with rooney maturing into a calm customer now.. and the team rising up to occasions at correct times..
** hopefully i get to see the first home game next season **
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